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Does Your Manufacturing Company Need An Extra IT Person Onsite?

With your manufacturing company growing, increasing technology demands can overload your IT department. And when you need to implement new projects, your IT department may have to work overtime. This is not only expensive when you have to pay them for overtime, but overworked techs can make mistakes that can cost you even more.

Hiring additional techs costs too much, not only in salary but for benefits, sick leave and vacation time. So, what’s the answer? Get outside IT help onsite when you need it.

What Will An Extra Tech Onsite Provide?

Your inhouse tech team will have the additional support they need to optimize IT performance and accomplish their tasks efficiently. It’s a solution that offers numerous benefits.

An outsourced tech will work with your existing in-house IT team to create a single comprehensive, effective IT operation. Your IT workers won’t be replaced. They’ll just receive the help they need to achieve your goals.

This approach considers the combined skill sets of your team and another IT professional. You can augment your IT staffing on many different levels and maximize your capabilities.

An outsourced tech will work with your team to map out who should provide what and the services that are critical to your manufacturing company’s success. You can benefit from proactive IT administration for things like maintenance, monitoring, help desk services, account management and more.

You stay in control of your IT strategy while leveraging the experience and skills that another professional onsite can provide. If your needs change along the way, you can add an additional tech or two, or cancel this service at any time.

What Benefits Will Bringing On An Outside Tech Provide?

Controlled IT Costs & Predictable Budgeting

With an IT department to fund, you don’t need to worry about surprise invoices. You’ll have the extra services you need at an affordable monthly rate that makes for easy budgeting.

Improved IT Management

When your IT department has difficulty keeping up with their daily duties, then outside help onsite is the perfect solution. This frees up your IT staff to focus on higher priority objectives to improve the efficiency of your operations. The tech onsite will work together with your IT staff in harmony. Your important projects will get completed on time, and you’ll have another person to handle day-to-day computer glitches and network issues.

Proactive & Responsive IT Management

You’ll have a responsive tech who handles requests and incidents quickly and provides the results your business needs. He can implement a solution that can help to detect issues and remediate them before they cause a break/fix incident or downtime. You’ll have the hands onboard to ensure the responsiveness you need. Less downtime and unplanned outages mean that your manufacturing business will benefit from higher productivity and better business results.

Project Support

There may be times when your IT staff needs an expertise they don’t have. Perhaps you need to migrate to cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365, or you need an extra hand when relocating your business IT to another site. You’ll have ready access to a variety of IT capabilities that can provide the technical help you need for special projects.

IT Security Support

As your business grows, your cybersecurity requirements do as well. An outsourced tech onsite can provide the up-to-date IT security solutions required to prevent intrusions or data theft. They can set up a managed, enterprise-level security platform with next-generation firewalls, data leak prevention, intrusion detection, encryption, two-factor authentication, single sign-on solutions, security awareness training for your staff and more. With the increase in hacking and phishing, there’s no such thing as too much cybersecurity.

Independent IT Audits

Every manufacturing company will benefit from independent reviews of their IT infrastructure. With independent auditing of your network, you’re much more likely to catch and resolve issues that could cause major problems. Your outsourced tech onsite can locate any security gaps in your IT network. He can run regular security assessments on your network and provide you with a report that outlines any weak areas such as aging technology, programs that haven’t been updated and patched, etc.

Strategic Planning

As your company expands and technology evolves, your IT department must stay on top of emerging technologies and best practices. Your outsourced onsite tech can provide advisory support to help you develop an IT plan that will grow as your business does. Planning for the future is essential for healthy business growth.

What Services Can Be Included?

These are just some of the IT services an outsourced tech onsite can provide:

  • Network Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Virtual Servers
  • Cloud Resources
  • Desktops
  • End User Support
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Firewall/Routers
  • IT Security
    • Advanced Endpoint Protection
    • Security Training
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Security Assessments
    • Patching
  • Assessments & Audits
    • HIPAA
    • PCI

When you need an extra hand or two, an outsourced tech onsite from adNET Technology Management can support your IT department and elevate your manufacturing business to the next level.

Manufacturing companies in Illinois and Wisconsin trust adNET Technology Management when it comes to our IT Services & Support. We can put one or more techs onsite for you. Contact us to learn more.

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