remote working 1-1

Work doesn't have to be limited to inside the office

Businesses should be prepared to continue operations from anywhere, either out of necessity or maybe as a convenience. Making sure your business is ready to perform remotely is a must to ensure success in the face of adversity.

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Know which assets are readily available and which need planning

Survey users to confirm their ability to connect reliably


Check-in with users to identify weak points or opportunities

Modify systems to address shortcomings or go beyond


Make sure you have proper security protocols in place

Increase awareness of security risks during unexpected events

Build your system, then improve!

Make sure to solicit feedback from your users regularly, this will help to improve your remote work plan ensuring it can be implemented quickly and reliably when needed

Microsoft Forms Survey Templates

Microsoft Forms is an great tool for collecting feedback and it's already part of your Office 365 suite! Please check out the two forms we've shared below that you can use to build your remote work plan.

Use our first suvey to help determine whether or not your staff has the resources available at home or elsewhere to perform their duties remotely:

Collect feedback from your users after they've had some time to work remotely in order to find ways to improve: 

Maintain security standards for remote users

Remote users, particularly in a scenario where remote work is unexpected, are possibly more vulnerable to attacks if your remote work plan has not been properly tested.

It's critical to build best practices for communications for validating financial transactions and other important processes:

  • Create a validation system that requires multiple participants to ensure communications are genuine
  • Always confirm critical transactions via phone, Teams, or another mode of communication besides text
  • Be especially alert regarding email attachments, look out for phishing attempts designed to capitalize on current events
Remote Planning Checklist