What Are Three Ways to Tell If You Have Excellent Construction IT Services?

Can you afford managed IT services for your construction company in Illinois & Wisconsin? You may think the best managed IT services in Illinois and Wisconsin are too expensive, but think again. adNET is positioned to give you a full range of professional IT services that are specifically design for the needs and technical challenges of today’s modern construction company. Your network will be secure from all cyber threats including malware, ransomware, and other threats lurking on the internet. No matter what type of construction software programs your company uses, we provide you with the latest updates. Have a problem? Technical support is just a phone call away.

Are you using the right tools for the job?

Whether building a big shopping center or a new home, construction work isn’t just about having the right tools anymore. Your customers demand more for their money. They’re looking for personalized services. At adNET, we understand this concept because that’s the way we run our business. Cloud technology is one way to offer a higher level of services. Get secure access to construction plans, contracts, sub-contractors, invoicing and more. The Cloud provides a safe, secure virtual storage system for everything. View and edit documents in real time from any device or location.


So what are three ways to tell if you have excellent construction IT services?

  1. Cloud Technology: Cloud computing improves your capabilities as a construction professional. You’ll notice a definite increase in productivity when your employees can log in and work securely from any location or device. Being able to work on plans simultaneously and from different locations is a huge bonus. Documents can be viewed and edited even out on a job site.
  2. Mobile Device Management: Your employees need to work with laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers. This helps everyone get a lot more done each day. Every device needs to be secure though. One data breach can be expensive and that makes mobile device management a must these days. It can save your construction company money, time, and loss of reputation.
  3. Email and Data Encryption: These days, it’s important to protect all customer data and encryption is the best way to accomplish this. Data encryption protects data whether on the Internet, email servers, or wireless networks. We use today’s latest encryption technology.

adNET helps you deal with daily challenges

We understand the pain points that many construction companies deal with each day. The unique nature of your job includes many challenges, but we’ll help you meet that head-on. adNET supports your systems, ensures uptime, and provides support for third-party applications. We take the time to understand your specific business needs and will devise a tailored solution that enhances your productivity and helps you excel in every area of your Illinois or Wisconsin construction company.

Partner with adNET

As your IT Partner, we keep your computers and networking equipment running efficiently. If you have a problem, we’re available 24/7. With our full spectrum of managed IT solutions, your construction company will benefit from having a dependable network and computer systems that work the way you need them to. And, our managed services are available for one easy-to-budget-for monthly fee.

Do you know what your current it company is doing for you?

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