adNET specializes in technology service and support for businesses in the following industries:

CPA Firms

IT plays a significant role for any successful CPA firm. Accountants use technology to analyze, interpret and forecast statistical data efficiently and effectively. And you need to access, share and store data securely. adNET provides the innovative, affordable technology services and support CPA firms like yours need.

Construction Industry

To deliver quality projects on time you need technology that provides real-time collaboration for your employees and clients, whether they’re in the office or in the field. Plus you need IT solutions to coordinate operations with administration, project management, purchasing and accounts receivable. We make sure these solutions are seamless, integrate and of course, secure.

Manufacturing Businesses

The manufacturing environment in the U.S. is changing more rapidly than it did during the Industrial Revolution. And with information technology changing just as fast, your company faces increasing challenges. You don’t have time to worry about IT efficiency, reliability and security. adNET specializes in consolidating IT resources for manufacturing companies that improve efficiency, reliability, security and reduce costs.

Healthcare Practices

In today’s healthcare environment with ever-increasing government mandates, you need a HIPAA-compliant IT provider like adNET that can also help you comply with HIPAA, and meet MIPS and MACRA requirements. We take the worry out of compliance. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to help you overcome IT regulatory challenges and keep your technology running as it should.

Law Firms

Downtime, slow-running technology and security issues will impede your firm’s operations and productivity. And when you work under a billable-hours system, time really is money. You can’t afford to sit idle when technology doesn’t work, or your data is compromised. Just like other businesses, you need to streamline services to save time and process information with technology like electronic case organization, electronic spreadsheets, databases, word processing, legal research software, presentation applications and e-billing software. Our IT experts can implement a range of cost-effective IT solutions to ensure you not only meet but surpass your clients’ expectations.

Fire Departments and Districts

Whether it’s communicating through reliable VoIP services, recording call data, or interacting with emergency vehicles via GPS, the need for smooth technical operations in your fire department is huge. Unfortunately, many cybercriminals know that fire departments safeguard a host of valuable information and will prey on your data. At adNET, we make it a priority to protect that data by pinpointing areas of risk and resolving them through viable action plans, system monitoring, and regular assessments.

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