The problems arise when data breaches occur.

A recent CNA Professional Counsel bulletin estimates that about 80 percent of the largest firms in the United States have had a data breach of some type. In 2016, Logicforce discovered that almost 10,000 attempts were made to breach the data networks of 200 law firms across the US.

Law Firms Are Now the Target of Hackers Worldwide

Cyber thieves are now targeting heads of law firms, including CEOs with phishing emails that seem legitimate. When the CEO opens the email, a ransomware virus is downloaded and the results are usually pretty grim. Cyber criminals can hold your data hostage until you pay the ransom (usually in cryptocurrency so it cannot be traced).

This has led to more and more clients asking for an audit of the law firm’s security systems. In fact, 48 percent of law firms have been audited by corporate clients just this past year. Corporate clients normally have quite a bit at stake if your law firm is the victim of a data breach. They are rightfully nervous about the state of your firm’s internet security.

As we move into the future, many experts believe that these audits will become a regular prerequisite to doing business. IT security and data management audits reveal the truth about your law firm’s network security. Is it lax and easy to break into? Or do you have the best security money can buy?

Though technology has given us all the ability to be more productive and efficient, it does come with some drawbacks and cyber security is one of them.

Your law business needs advanced technology including the Cloud in order to compete. The Cloud lets your attorneys and office staff work from any device or location. Documents can be shared, viewed and edited in real time. This type of convenience and flexibility gives you the edge over your competition. Plus, you can increase your billable hours significantly.

At the same time, this technology is like a Pandora’s Box. Once opened, it can never be closed again. And although some very beneficial surprises may come out of the box, there are also some real hazards to watch out for.


adNET Technology Management— Top-Notch IT Services for Law Firms in Chicago

Technology Management

Finding the right balance between efficiency and security is tricky business. But adNET Technology Management takes a unique approach to IT. Our relationship-driven work process ensures we will take the time to listen to your needs and expectations to fully understand how to help you achieve your business goals.

Your adNET team will become a dedicated partner that you can trust with your most valuable data. With years of experience delivering managed IT services to legal firms, we understand your pain points.

We offer these professional IT services and more:

  • IT consulting and assessments
  • Internet-based business telecommunications services
  • Advanced and proactive cybersecurity solutions
  • Data backup, recovery, and restoration strategy
  • Cloud computing and Office 365
  • Mobile and tablet procurement, synchronization, and maintenance
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Remote help desk support

Trying to handle law firm technology on your own?

Managing your own IT in-house may seem like a good idea on the face of it. After all, you have more control over your data, right? Why spend a lot of money on services that your staff can handle on their own?

The problem arises when you have IT techs come and go. Some are well-trained and some are a bit sloppy in their work habits. Without knowing it, they could be exposing your important documents to hackers. When an IT tech does move on to another position, how can you be sure they don’t leave the doors to your database wide open?

In retrospect, you wonder if the employee ever really did their job properly. But you are a busy attorney and just don’t have time to monitor your IT staff. And why should this be necessary?

These are just a few of the frustrations that attorneys face when they use in-house IT techs. Sometimes you’ll have good experiences and other times, not so much. Why not take all that worry and frustration off the table?

There has to be a better solution!

Partner with adNET Technology Management and you can say good-bye to those worries and technology frustrations.

adNET Technology Management—A Team with Legal IT Experience

adNET Technology Management is an industry leader with proven experience in IT implementation and maintenance for law firms. We’ll make sure your network and data is completely secure. Our techs have many years of combined experience and they will work diligently to earn your trust.

When you partner with adNET Technology Management, you’ll notice definite improvements in your overall network performance along with stronger security measures.

Whatever your needs, adNET Technology Management is on the job to supply it!

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