Equipment, applications, and services setup in addition to, or as an alternative to, approved systems without the approval or involvement of IT management is referred to as Shadow IT. Shadow IT can present many risks to an organization, but can also lead to discovering new ways to improve operations and user satisfaction.

The Shadow IT checklist provided here can help oncover rogue technology on your network that may lead to a number of issues - security vulnerabilities, failed software license audits, loss of crucial data, or even damage to your reputation.

shadow IT

Find Instances of Shadow IT

Examine your network for signs of Shadow IT to identify risks presented by undocumented technology used within your business, while increasing security and technology oversight.

eliminate risks

Eliminate The Risks

Remove undocumented technology that does not offer any benefits to business operations, while identifying newly discovered approaches to solving business problems.

Copy of eliminate risks

Uncover Improvements

Undocumented technology put in place out of need can be properly managed and leveraged to introduce operational efficiencies without the risks associated with Shadow IT.

Shadow IT Checklist

By removing these threats and discovering ways to improve your operations, you are left to focus on the aspects of your business that matter most to you. Looking for a partner who can help you secure and grow your business? Give us a call at 847-214-5160.