All businesses today rely on technology in order to run efficiently and securely. However, there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach, as companies across different industries and sectors often require specialized assistance. 

This is certainly the case with the healthcare sector and particularly dental offices, as they use specialized tools and processes such as EMR software and HIPAA compliant procedures for handling patient data. These are processes and tools that are not used in a typical office environment, which is why it is paramount to find a company that has experience in providing services for dental offices specifically. 

At adNET Technology Management, we understand the requirements of a dental office, as well as the way they need to use technology. We also fully understand what compliance laws dental practices need to follow (particularly, HIPAA and PCI DSS). Because of our expertise, you can rest assured you are in good hands when you use our managed IT services for dental offices. 

EMR Software

At adNET, we have experience when it comes to the implementation and management of EMR software. EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records and is designed to assist with the creation, organization, and retrieval of electronic patient records. It is frequently used in dental offices to streamline regular patient processes and make patient care more efficient. 

It is important that software is chosen with care so that you can manage billing, lab orders, ePrescriptions, and patient charts effectively. With our managed services for dental offices, we  handle the configuration and maintenance of this software to ensure updates are made, to keep within HIPAA and PCI DSS regulations, and to maintain protection of patient data.

Achieving Compliance

It is important for all businesses to implement cybersecurity, but this is especially the case when it comes to businesses in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is the most targeted industry when it comes to cyberattacks because of the large volume of sensitive data healthcare organizations store.  

By falling out of compliance, you risk not only your patients’ private information, but you also risk having to pay thousands of dollars in data breach cleanup fees, non-compliance fines, and even lawsuits. At adNET, we understand the importance of keeping data safe from cyberattacks, so we implement cybersecurity measures that both defend against the latest threats and that adhere to compliance regulations.

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