Your company relies on technology now more than ever.

It’s critical to your effective operations and is embedded in every aspect of your business. What would happen if you couldn’t access your information technology? Would you be able to continue working? Chances are, your business would come to a halt and that cannot be an option.

Data Backup (1)

Data Backup

Recovery Testing

Recovery Testing

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Business Continuity (2)

Business Continuance

Offsite Replication

Offsite Replication



Backups must be recoverable

If backups aren't routinely tested, your organization faces the possibility of data loss. If it’s lost, damaged or stolen and unrecoverable, you could face expensive penalties and damage to your reputation. Regular testing ensures that the data you need is there when you need it most.

Backups must be duplicated and kept offsite

Your organizations backups aren't any good if there is only one copy and it is corrupted, damaged, or lost in an emergency because it was being stored with the production data. If your office were damaged by a flood, fire, tornado, or other localized disasters, everything could be ruined.

Backups must be deployable at a moment's notice

It’s not enough for data to be backed up, secure, and available. Your organization needs to be able to failover to your recovery environment as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency to mitigate downtime and financial consequences. Having a well thought out plan with appropriate Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives ensures your organization will not only survive, but thrive, when the worst happens.

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