Your company relies on technology now more than ever.

It’s critical to your effective operations and is embedded in every aspect of your business.

  • What would happen if you couldn’t access your information technology?
  • Would you be able to continue working?
  • Chances are, your business would come to a halt.

We won’t let this happen.

With adNET’s Disaster Recovery Solutions, your information technology will always remain secure and accessible. We do this with routine backups, virtualization services and testing of restores to ensure your data is always accessible and recoverable.

Our Disaster Recovery Services Include:

Data Backup

Data Recovery

Data Replication

Managed Recovery Testing

Business Continuance

HIPAA-Compliant Replications

Image-Based Replications

Are You Sure Your Backups Are Recoverable?

The key to good backups is testing the restores. If you don’t routinely test your backups, you’re leaving yourself open to data loss.

You must be able to access your IT at all times. If it’s lost, damaged or stolen and you can’t recover it, you could face expensive penalties and reputational damage.

adNET’s Disaster Recovery Services ensure you can always recover your data to meet compliance standards and maintain customer confidence.

Do You Have Multiple Copies Of Data Stored In Offsite Locations?

If you’re only backing up your digital information to a hard drive in your facility and you experience a flood, fire or other disasters, everything you’ve saved could be ruined.

We’ll store your IT in secure, cloud-based solutions so you and your authorized employees can access it anywhere you have a computer and internet access.

Can You Upload & Deploy Your IT Infrastructure In A Pinch?

It’s not enough for data to be backed up, secure, and available. You need an image-based copy of your entire IT environment across multi-cloud infrastructures.

Virtualization allows for faster deployment of applications, data and other solutions. It can also lower your IT costs because you’ll need less hardware, maintenance, energy, and storage space.

You depend on your digital assets more than ever before. Trust them to the Disaster Recovery Professionals at adNET Technology Management.

Do you know what your current it company is doing for you?

Meet with our team for a no-obligation IT Consultation to discover how we can help you effectively integrate business technologies that work with your business, not against it.