Security breaches are the biggest threat to organizations today - from compromised servers and workstations, botnets, and data loss to social engineering and malware. A successful cyberattack against an organization can mean loss of income, fines from regulatory agencies, litigation, and even closing the doors for good.

adNET's network security platform includes...

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Technical Assessments

Find gaps in your organizations security framework and fill them ASAP

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Email Security

Harden your messaging against the most common attack vectors

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Endpoint Security

Make sure malicious software can't get a foothold on your network

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User Training

Prepare for any security event so you can sleep at night

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Enterprise Firewalls

Set a perimeter so nothing gets in or out without your say-so

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Provide actionable data for review and road-mapping your future

adNET embraces a culture of security, educating our clients and placing an emphasis on security as not just a once-a-year buzzword training session, but a real organizational goal that works to eliminate risky behavior and turns employees into company guardians.

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