The integration of technology into the workforce was initially viewed as another tool to accomplish tasks. That understanding of computers, software and devices remain true today. But advancements have turned IT into a goal-achieving vehicle that can separate your business from the competition.

At adNET, an experienced IT company in Illinois and Wisconsin, our team of professionals works diligently to align your technology with business goals. In essence, we turn your IT support into a valuable, objective-meeting asset.

IT Support Can Improve Business Value

Many company leaders view IT as a background aspect of their business. If you were a carpenter, it might be the hammer that pounds nails. For many businesses, IT merely serves a support role to the primary activity. But what if you had a forward-thinking IT support team that could turn your tech into a value-driving commodity.

Consider for a moment that the core business would be unable to compete without adequate technology and IT support. But if that IT support team were to proactively realign current devices, software and emerging innovations in the tech space, one could expect advanced productivity. In other words, if you were a carpenter, IT support would take that hammer and evolve it into a high-functioning nail gun.

Real-Time Business Metrics Matter

A reported 20 percent of all businesses have invested in technologies that allow them to monitor key metrics. By the year 2021, upwards of 60 percent of companies are expected to utilize metrics monitoring applications. While measuring important business metrics provides insight into productivity, profitability, and value, it stands to reason that most decision-makers are not IT experts.

The role of industry leaders is to drive an organization toward goals. That means having the IT support team in place that deploys the correct applications to cull critical metrics. Full engagement with a cutting-edge IT support team allows captains of industry an opportunity to work with real-time metrics. Having comprehensive in-the-moment numbers provides a rare level of business agility.

IT Services Company

Work With An Experienced IT Services Company in Illinois & Wisconsin

Technology is no longer a convenient workforce tool. It continues to evolve and influence every aspect of modern companies. That makes IT support vital to achieving goals and working with an experienced team matters. At adNET, we are an IT services company in Chicago working to help decision-makers align their technology to meet business goals.

Our Executive-Level Technicians:

  • Have extensive experience and expertise in the area of Business IT Alignment.
  • Possess knowledge of contracting, negotiating, and change management.
  • Have the ability to manage the full spectrum of information technology operations.
  • Will develop a multi-year information technology plan that aligns with your budget.
  • Will work with your leadership and attend monthly management meetings and board meetings upon your request.

They will work with your management teams to provide:

  • IT Security & Compliance
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Vendor Sourcing and Management
  • Help Desk Support & Problem Resolution
  • IT Purchasing & Fulfillment
  • Project Oversight

Do you know what your current it company is doing for you?

Meet with our team for a no-obligation IT Consultation to discover how we can help you effectively integrate business technologies that work with your business, not against it.