It’s one thing to ensure your IT systems are functioning optimally under normal operational circumstances. It’s another to be sure your systems can continue when natural disasters, data theft or loss, and power failures strike.

Without a well-tested business continuity plan that prepares you for these changes, an IT disaster can send a shockwave through your organization and bring your business to a grinding halt. 

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Assess Your Organization

Identify the Solutions

Implement the Plan

Monitor and Adapt

A thorough Business Continuity Plan ensures that your organization can continue running at maximum efficiency, even if disaster strikes. Rely on our teams tools and experience to identify issues and protect your business. We ensure each of your departments and staff members has a well-tested role in your business continuity plan and understands how to respond appropriately to IT incidents. 

What is RTO and RPO?

Successful organizations often place an emphasis on the backup portion of business continuity, but not the recovery. Finding RPO and RTO values that are appropriate for your organization is a key step in your plans success.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is how far back your organization is able to roll back and is the maximum amount of data loss allowed when restoring the latest valid backup.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is how long your organization can take to restore operations to normal.

By putting in the time and effort to build a comprehensive business continuity plan, your organization will have what it needs to... 

  • Respond quickly and appropriately to IT incidents,
  • Minimize damages,
  • Maintain efficient business operations, and
  • Achieve continued growth.

Do you know what your current it company is doing for you?

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